Examine one’s own experience, beliefs, attitudes and values if desired.

This essay is an argumentative research essay. The topic must be academic, beneficial, and credible to the student’s own college-level studies.

At least six-eight different sources must be used with not more than two from the internet. Sources derived from the library databases are not considered internet sources. Sources can be in the form of journals, magazines articles, books, newspapers, government documents, etc.

If the topic has been chosen with care and interest, this will focus one’s efforts and the ethos will be persuasively communicated to the reader.

The argumentative research essay is based on an issue of relevance and importance to society or to a specific segment of people and to usefully and relevantly incorporate research to explain more fully, illustrate more vividly, and support more conretely one’s persuasive claims and purposes. The successfully essay will support a defensible claim(thesis) about a controversial subject-something about which there is substantive and rational disagreement.

Analyze the issue and articulate your position.

Examine one’s own experience, beliefs, attitudes and values if desired. Consider counterclaims and opposing arguments and establish the author’s ethos. The essay should challenge students to persuade the uncommitted by confidently presenting and critiquing opposing views and evidence while convincingly presenting one’s own thoughts. Hopefully, the topic intrigues and concerns the writer- that it is something the writer cares about.

Apply rhetorical strategies. Be convincing- does the essay stir emotion?

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