Evidence of temporary mobilities of various kinds in your fieldsite.

As the first major assignment for the subject, this task gets students critically reflecting about the places in which they are embedded and how the concept of ‘Asian Mobilities’ filter down to ‘the local’. Based on individual fieldtrips to a Sydney neighbourhood with an ‘Asian presence’, it asks students to articulate some of their early observations about how the idea of ‘Asian mobilities’ play out in the global city in which they live, work and play.
Task requirements:
Your digital poster (photography and commentary) must address

Can you see evidence of temporary mobilities of various kinds in your fieldsite (eg temporary workers, international students, working holiday makers) and how are they embedded in the place, the local economy, and culture? Do you see any evidence of exploitation or economic activity directed at or making use of this population?

• 800-1000 words can be used for your commentary. The commentary must draw on concepts and themes in the scholarly literature to and demonstrate that you are able to apply these ideas to your visual ethnography.

• A minimum of 6 scholarly references must be cited in your commentary to display that critical reading has been undertaken in responding to the question. At least 4 of these references must be from the required or recommended reading list between Weeks 1 to 8.

• Ensure to include a list of references on the Digital Poster. The reference list will not be counted in the word count. Use Harvard Referencing.

Please use all of the articles what I attached as references.
Also, you can use more articles which are related to the subject.
And I want to say Good sides and Bad sides of Asian mobilities.
For example, Asian immigrants revive the local economy but there is a racism.

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