Evaluate developmental milestones of behavior based on psychological theories.

Child and Adolescent Development

Unit 7: Social and Emotional: Development of the Self, Gender, and Sexuality

This Assignment assesses the following course outcomes:

HN377-2: Evaluate developmental milestones of behavior based on psychological theories.

GEL1.1: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.

GEL- 8.3: Formulate a logical solution to a problem.

For your Unit 7 Assignment, you will write a paper in which you act as a human service worker to analyze a case study. The purpose of this paper is to challenge you to use your formal writing/thinking skills to evaluate the scenario using the developmental theories you have studied.

Talia, a 17-year-old biracial (Caucasian/Asian) female, is currently a senior in high school. She lives with her mother and her younger brother. The family is currently struggling financially. Talia’s parents divorced when she was 4 and her father moved away; their contact with him is infrequent. She sometimes feels as though a part of her identity is “missing” as she has learned very little about her Asian background and culture due to the absence of her father over the years. Talia has experienced a drop in self-esteem over the past year due to developmental struggles. She is beginning to feel pressure about her future plans and is having trouble making a decision. She has attended a vocational program for cosmetology during her junior and senior year, but is also interested in teaching or possibly culinary school.

  1. Using Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development or Marcia’s approach to identity development, assess Talia’s current struggle with her future plans.
  2. Examine the influence of culture and cultural identity on Talia’s situation.
  3. Suggest interventions to assist Talia in resolving her current conflict and to improve her self-esteem.

While the text is your main source for this project, you should use a minimum of one other research article from peer-reviewed journals that you found in the Kaplan Library. This project should be written adhering to the guidelines of Standard American English including correct spelling and punctuation , and should be 4 pages long, not including the title page and the reference page. Papers are to be written in paragraph format (including an introduction and conclusion paragraph) and should follow standard APA guidelines including one inch margins, double spaced, and 12 pt font. You are required to give credit to the sources you use, and to use proper APA formatting and citation style. Refer to the Kaplan Writing Center, or your instructor for help with APA. Remember that all work must be your own and that plagiarism is not tolerated.

In your paper, be sure to provide the following:

  • The full-text citation for your texts and articles to support your statements.
  • A title page and reference page with a minimum of five references.
  • An introduction.
  • Conclusion or summary.
  • Unit 7 Assignment: Case Study on Adolescent Development
  • Items highlighted in gray are also analyzed for course outcomes.




Course Content: 135 points    
Provides an overview of how either Erikson’s theory or Marcia’s theory applies to adolescent development in the presented case. 0 – 35  
Explains the impact of culture and cultural development within the client’s case. 0 – 40  
Based on your text or other academic sources, suggests appropriate interventions for resolving adolescent identity issues. 0 – 40  
Writing: 20 points    
Structure: Paper includes a title page, introduction with thesis statement, body, brief summary paragraph rephrasing thesis, and in-text citations and reference page (2 references required) using APA style. Paper is appropriate in length (paper should be 3-4 pages, not including the title page, reference page, or Appendix). 0 – 10  
Mechanics: Uses Standard American English including correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, complete sentences and paragraphs, cohesive organization, highly developed viewpoint, and is free of typographical errors. 0 – 10  
Total 135  
An explanation of the points earned, as well as where the assignment could be strengthened will be included with your grade.    


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