As per my professor: “Final Paper:

The final paper is the primary academic requirement of this course. The specific subject will be selected by the student from materials contained within the body of the course, and will be submitted to me for final approval. If you have any problem thinking of a topic, drop a line and I will be happy to guide you. I expect students to be thoughtful and creative in the selection of their topic. The best topic will be one that is interesting and useful for you (hint: pick a topic you will enjoy learning and writing about, not one that you think I may like). I also expect students to use proper English grammar and structure and proofread their work before submittal. The paper must also have proper citations in APA or MLA format (whichever you are most comfortable with). This will be a research paper using multiple sources, on a topic of your choosing relevant to criminal justice ethics.
The paper should follow APA or MLA format, and should be12 pages in length.

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
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