Equal Opportunity to Enhance Military Readiness


            For a better part of its history, the United States military has acted as a testing ground for requesting inclusion in the mainstream American society. At present, new groups such as gays and women are advocating for equal treatment in the military (Dansby, Stewart and Schuyler 156). Previous integration attempts in the US military have been a success story, which implies that embarking on equal opportunity in the military is one of the best strategies that can be deployed to enhance the readiness of the US military. The primary aim of the military equal opportunity program is to enhance mission effectiveness and readiness; this is achieved by creating an environment that is free from institutional, social and personal barriers that are likely to prevent military personnel from advancing their ranks basing on their individual capability, fitness and merit. It is the policy of the US military that its affairs should be conducted in a manner that is devoid of unlawful discrimination of any form basing national origin sex, religion, color or race, which is in line with fostering equal opportunity in the military. There is no doubt that unlawful discrimination has demeans military personnel, has a negative impact on the effectiveness of the mission, and is a violation of US military policy; all of which harms the readiness of the military. As a result, equal opportunity is poised as an effective measure that can help mitigate unlawful discrimination, which would in turn, enhance military readiness (Dansby, Stewart and Schuyler 175).

According to Dansby, Stewart and Schuyler (162), equal opportunity in the military plays an instrumental role in maximizing the human potential of military personnel by ensuring that people receive fair treatment basing on capability, fitness and merit with the primary aim of guaranteeing readiness. The inclusion of African Americans in the US Army during the Civil War was a success, which served as the basis for equal opportunity. Women can also be incorporated in combat and other duties in the military basing on their capabilities in order to enhance readiness. The average woman that can be enlisted in the army is often physically weaker when compared to most male recruits, weighs less and is smaller. However, they are brighter, less likely to be involved in disciplinary issues, and is better educated. With the modernization of weapons, women have found their place in combat. According to XX, the rapid advancements in military technology and modern warfare has blurred the line between non-combat and combat jobs, which presents a prospect for equal opportunity in the military.

            In conclusion, there is no doubt that equal opportunity in the military will play an integral role in enhancing military readiness. Basing on past successes associated with inclusion, advocating for fair treatment based on individual capability, fitness and merit is a justified cause, particularly with respect to enhancing the readiness and effectiveness of the US military.

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