Entrepreneurship and small business management & Accounting

Academic year:  2015/16

Semester:  Summer


1.   Program: BA in Business Studies
2.   Track:  Accounting
3.      Course Code: BE210 (BE210/4)


4.      Course Title: Introduction to Financial Accounting


5.      General Course Coordinator, GCC: Prof. Ahmad Al-Omari


  6.      TMA Grade Distribution:
Criteria Content Deductions:

Format & Presentation; Referencing;

Word count and E-library

Total marks
Bahrain Telecommunications Company (BATELCO)
Marks 20 <1 0> each ; in total maximum deductions <0 4 > 20



About TMA:

The TMA covers the financial accounting concepts and practices in the businesses; as you work, you will gain confidence in your ability to use the financial statements of real company. It is marked out of 100 and is worth 20% of the overall assessment component. It is intended to assess students’ understanding of some of the learning points within chapters 1 to 4. This TMA requires you to apply the course concepts.



The TMA is intended to:

  • Increase the students’ knowledge about the reality of the accounting as a profession.
  • Assess students’ understanding of key learning points within chapters 1 to 4.
  • Develop the ability to understand and interact with the nature of the financial statements in reality.
  • Develop students’ communication skills, such as memo writing, essay writing, analysis and presentation of material.
  • Develop basic ICT skills such as using the internet.



The TMA requires you to:

  • Review various study chapters (from Chapter 1 to 4) of the textbook ‘Horngren’s Financial and Managerial Accounting” and apply some of the concepts within it.
  • Conduct a simple information search using the internet.
  • Present your findings in not more than 1,300 words.
  • You should use a Microsoft Office Word and Times New Roman Font of 12 points.
  • You should read and follow the instructions below carefully. Each part of the process will carry marks for the assignment.


General instructions for students:

Plagiarism: It’s imperative that you write your answers using your own words. Plagiarism will be penalized depending on its severity and according to AOU plagiarism policy.

Word count: your answers are expected to be within the specified word count. A 10% deviation from word count limit is acceptable. Not adhering to specified word count could result in the deduction of up to 4 marks of your total TMA mark.

Referencing:  You are expected to use the Harvard referencing style for in-text referencing and list of reference at the end. Failing to do so could result in the deduction of up to 4 marks of your total TMA mark.

E-library:  You are expected to use E-library sources to support your answers. A minimum of 3 sources is required. Failing to do so could result in the deduction of up to 4 marks of your total TMA mark.

Format and Presentation: In your answer, you should explain each point or inquire separately. Use the following headings (below) to make up the different sections of your answer:

PT3 form (Cover)  Available on LMS
Contents Title and contents page
TMA Bahrain Telecommunications Company (BATELCO)
Reference list  Recorded according to the Harvard style – Available on LMS

Failing to do so could result in the deduction of up to 4 marks of your total TMA mark.


















The TMA Questions

Bahrain Telecommunications Company (BATELCO)


The Batelco Group is headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain and listed on the Bahrain Bourse {Bahrain Telecommunications Company (BATELCO)}. Batelco has played a pivotal role in Bahrain’s development as a major communications hub and today is the leading digital communications’ provider, continuing to lead and shape the local consumer and enterprise markets. As well as serving the consumer, corporate and wholesale markets in Bahrain, Batelco Group also delivers cutting-edge fixed and wireless communication services to its customers across its countries of operation. Batelco’s overseas operations continue to add value to the Group and in 2015 contributed 59% of revenues and 55% of EBITDA (Batelco, Annual Report 2015).


You can download the 2015 annual report for Batelco directly from the following web page:



Use the annual report to answer the following questions:


  • What are the main components of Batelco’s “Consolidated Financial Statements 2015”?

[10 marks]


  • What are the standards and requirements that govern the preparation of the consolidated financial statements 2015?

[10 marks]


  • Batelco (“the Company”, “the Parent”) is a public shareholding company, what are the subsidiaries and associate of the Group included in these consolidated financial statements? And what is its main function and industry?

[10 marks]


  • Go through the “Independent Auditors’ Report to the Shareholders” and answer the following questions:
    1. Who is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of these consolidated financial statements?
    2. What is the name of the independent auditor and what is their responsibility?

[10 marks]


  • What are Batelco’s total assets at 31 December 2014 and at 31 December 2015? Write Batelco’s accounting equation at 31 December 2015, by filling “Assets=Liabilities Stockholders’ Equity”.

[10 marks]


  • Identify Revenues for the years 2015 and 2014. Did Revenues increase or decrease in 2015 compared with 2014? Comment.

[15 marks]


  • Identify Net Profit (Net Income) for the years 2015 and 2014. Did Net Profit Increase or decrease in 2015 compared with 2014. Based on this, was the year 2015 better or worse than the year 2014?

[15 marks]


  • Compute Batelco’s current ratio at December 31, 2015 and December 31, 2014. Did the company’s ability to pay current debts improve or deteriorate or did it remain the same. Comment briefly on your findings.

[10 marks]


  • Compute the debt ratio for Batelco as of December 31 2015. Comment on your answer.

[10 marks]



End of Questions


Good Luck





Dr. Helal Afify


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