Engineer Management Case Study



After watching the lecture and reading the textbook on Requirements, your assignment is to come up with a list of questions to be used in an interview you will do with a new customer in your role of field engineer for a food service equipment manufacturer.  A company that that manufactures baked goods (bread, cake, pretzels, confectionary goods) wants to open an additional facility to increase their production to meet a surge in demand.  You are interviewing the bakery’s owner, a baker, and his head of manufacturing.  You need to come up with a list of questions to start your analysis so that your company can provide a proposal to outfit their new bakery.  The site is not chosen yet.  These questions should not be off the top of your head, but methodical based on the lecture, and the textbook which gives you SPECIFIC guidance on how to start such an exercise.  The number of questions will start modestly, then likely grow.  Your assignment should be written/formatted as if you are writing a memorandum to the head of engineering of your company.  In a paragraph state what you are doing and why, and what your approach is, then provide your proposed list of questions to ask, then end with a paragraph that describes how you are going to use the answers ot the questions to come up with a proposal to the company.  The assignment should be 2-3 pages in length.

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