Energy uses

this is the last part of the project , first of all , thank you for the hard work you have done for me , so this is the final presentation, where i have to place everything i have done on one big size of a sheet , so you can do it on photoshop, since you studied architecture you know how to do that and you know how important that is to look great and PRO, i will upload the paper instruction just in case if you need it but i will explain it here as well what need to be there , all Elevations , 3 sections , all plans , and all of them must be 1/16″-1′-0″ Scale. analytical drawings / parti Analysis / project description/ sun diagram / material Exterior and Interior / also the Energy uses and you can use any program for that you don’t have to use the same project you did for mr once but this time needs to be for my project , and i will pay for each chart of them , however on the sheet make some spaces for me when i take some photos for the models , you can go as big as you need on the sheet and send me the file as PDF and photoshop as well, and i’m working on the digital model now i will upload it soon for the elevations and if you wanna add anything interesting from there

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