Discussion About The Impact Of Monopolies On Market Efficiency

For the second assignment, you will write a discussion about the impact of monopolies on market efficiency. What is the impact on consumers? Industry innovation?

Word Count: from 250 to 450 words maximum

Writing (15 points)

· Write formally. Avoid phrases such as “I think” or “in my opinion” or “as you can see”

· Use full sentences

· Spell-check

· include references (i.e. news source, textbook, APA format)

Content (35 Points)

· (I) Briefly and in your own words, summarize the policy and its purpose (1-2 paragraph) (15 points).

· (II) Analyze the economic impacts of your topic on consumer/producer welfare (20 points)

o  You may choose to include a graph, but this is not necessary.

Due time: In 24 hours maximum

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Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: