discussing poster from ww1 ww2 and revolutions

discussing poster from ww1 ww2 and revolutions- 6 exapmples altogethe- concentrate on problematics related to such concepts as ideology, propaganada and power.

the aim of the course paper is to give you experience in the formal presentation of research. this is your opportunity to present the information you have gathered on, and your response to the production, reception and interpretation of posters. therefore you need to:

address the specific question you choose by clearly stating your argument
clarify your ultimate objective in answering the question
decide upon core theme or themes
select and place in a satisfactory order the points you wish to make, relating appropriate information and references to specific works
provide correct data for all works citied

atleast 5 sources
4 must be published books/articles in academic journals
maximum 3 online sources

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: