Discuss your results. What have been found and what remains obscure or still unknown?

Guidelines for the review paper format
The Purpose
The purpose for this review paper is to learn how to systematize literature data on the topic and to
present them in a concise and understandable format.
The Format
Length: 3-4 pages (including the reference list)
Spacing: 1.5-line interval
Font: 12pt Times New Roman
The paper should include several sections (each of them is about a particular subtopic): you may name
those sections accordingly. The paper should contain a list of the used references. Below is a general
guidance for each of the sections (may not be exactly as shown).
Introduction (about 1 page): This is a section, in which you should briefly describe a purpose of your
work. Provide some background information, e.g., what is known about the problem and what is not,
why this problem is important, etc. Provide respective references to the original sources.
Results and Discussion (2-3 pages): This is a main section of your paper. It should summarize results
from the articles under review. Try to be clear and concise. Remember, “brevity is the soul of wit” (W.
Shakespeare). You may use table(s) or/and figure(s) (not more than 1 of each) to present your findings.
Discuss your results. What have been found and what remains obscure or still unknown? What are the
Conclusions (1 paragraph, 1-2 sentences)): A brief concluding statement of the previous section.
All papers will be checked by anti-plagiarism software Turnitin and all copy-paste text will be instantly
detected. Therefore, you must write this paper using your own word and sentence constructs.

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