Discuss who the project stakeholders on District 4 Move project are.

District 4

Project communication is one of the most important factors in project management. A project manager will spend most of his/her time on communications.

Discuss who the project stakeholders on District 4 Move project are.

Discuss various types of communications you will need to use on the project, what stakeholder(s) each type would address and the frequency of each communication type. You may choose to use a table for this information.

Justify your responses.


Stakeholder Analysis


Stakeholders include an executive sponsor, a client, a PM, functional managers, and operational support staff. The stakeholders are responsible for building and efficiently running projects. They work with the CEO to set internal metrics—the capabilities or acceptable tolerances of the proposed system—keeping in mind the primary value of the program. The internal metrics are measured in numbers or cost of function points, data units, features, transactions processed, staff required, overall costs, and deadlines met.

Project stakeholders have the most to gain or lose from the success or failure of the proposed project. The PM needs to do the following:

  • Negotiate directly with the project stakeholders to receive additional funds, time, or resources or take on additional risk during the course of the project life cycle to ensure project success.
  • Invest time with the project stakeholders at the beginning of the project life cycle to understand their roles, requirements, and expectations from the project.
  • Dynamically engage in continuous communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution with the project stakeholders.
  • Encourage executive sponsors and key stakeholders to take an active role on the project team and stand behind their approvals with a formal sign-off process.
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