Discuss what sociologists describe as seeing the personal in the broader social context.

INSTRUCTIONS: To understand peoples’ behavior, sociologists look at their social location in society. For this assignment, I am asking you to identify the corners in life that you occupy (the structures that shape you) by describing things like your job, class, income, religion, education, gender, sex, age, or race-ethnicity. Choose, describe and explain how three of these elements influence your self-concept, behavior, and life chances. In your explanation, be sure to utilize of one of the major theoretical perspectives (symbolic interactionist, structural functionalist, conflict) from Ch. 1 and cite your text, journal articles, lectures, or media for a total of two sources (cite APA or ASA style only) to support and supplement your thoughts (if you cannot apply the theoretical perspective then you need to read it again).

The point is to discuss what sociologists describe as seeing the personal in the broader social context. In other words, in this assignment you are being asked to discuss your sociological imagination by describing how you think your life has been shaped (for example) as a woman, a Muslim, and a Latina. How has your life been shaped (self-concept, behavior, and life chances) based on you being these three things? Consider if your life would be any different if you were a White, male, Christian instead (for example). Be sure to should utilize sociological concepts throughout. You must read chapter one to understand concepts such as ‘sociological imagination,’ ‘structures,’ the theories, etc. This assignment will demonstrate to me whether you understand the concepts, can apply them to your life, and have done the readings.


• This assignment must be a minimum of 3-4 FULL pages in length (not including title or reference page).

• You must have a title page (include name, class, section #).

• You must cite throughout and have a reference page (APA format). Do not plagiarize.

• You must incorporate one theory (see above) and 2 sources

• This is an essay so format it as one (intro paragraph with thesis sentence, body, and conclusion paragraphs)

• You must use 12 point, Times New Roman or Calibri font ONLY.

• 1” margins all around (top, bottom, sides)

• Double-spaced.

• NO headers/footers/page numbers!

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