Discuss the similarities and differences among their poems.

our need to select two of the poets and one each of their poems listed below and

Robert Frost – “Mending Wall”, “After Apple Picking”, “Home Burial” “The Road not Taken” “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

Carl Sandburg -“Chicago”

Marianne Moor- “Poetry” “To a Snail”

E.E. Cummings- “In Just” “Buffalo Bills” “The Cambridge ladies who live in furnished souls” “next to of course god America I” “Anyone lived in a pretty how town”

Langston Hughes – “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” “Mother to Son” “I, Too” “The Weary Blues” “Freedom”

Theodore Roethke – “My Papa’s Waltz

Sylvia Plath – “Daddy”

Audre Lorde – “Black Mother Woman”

Joy Harjo – “What Bear” “Call It Fear”

Cathy Song – “The White Porch” “Beauty & Sadness “Heaven”

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