Discuss the rise of the modern Civil Rights movement (Foner refers to this as the Freedom Movement).

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1. How did the Cold War begin out of the ashes of WWII? Explain the Truman Doctrine and the role of Containment in US policy? Show these policies in effect, that is, especially from the Stone and Kuznick text, give some examples of these policies and their impact on the ground. Is there a disconnect between the theory and the reality in terms of what these policies alleged to do vs. what they may have actually done? Some historians have referred to the Cold War as the Third World War, both because of its longevity and reach as well as the fact that most if not all of the conflicts that defined the Cold War took place literally on the ground in what is known as the third world. How do you see the comments of former CIA station chief John Stockwell in terms of how Americans see their own role in the Cold War? In your view, was this a black and white, good vs. evil kind of war, or was it more complex? Explain. Again, the work from Stephen Kinzer, author of Overthrow, could be useful for additional background (see the Kinzer interviews below).

Third World War?

John Stockwell

Kinzer part 1

Kinzer part 2

Bill Moyers Secret Government

2. Discuss the rise of the modern Civil Rights movement (Foner refers to this as the Freedom Movement). Who were some of the major players and what were some of the main events that took place in the 1950’s that led to a major change in U.S. policy concerning minority groups? Often, much focus is placed on African Americans and the Civil Rights movement. We oft hear of a post-racial America in the present. Is the Civil Rights Movement over? Why or why not? What other groups fought for equality in this period and what did they gain (especially women- remember the guest lecture)? What were the main programs of JFK and LBJ that addressed inequality in America and what was meant by the Great Society? Which do you find successful? Which do you think failed? Why? What were the historical roots of this period, if any, and what do you think makes this period unique, if anything?


Civil Rights Era

Hate Crimes Issues

Gay Rights

More food for thought…


Freedom Rides

Black Power

Black Panther Party 10 Point Program

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