Discuss the mise-en-scene, a) the look and b) sound of the film and its effectiveness in telling the story.

A Clockwork Orange- by Anthony Burgess (novel) & Stanley Kubrick (Screenplay)
1. Discuss any changes from the novel to the film and if you consider them improvements or not. Try to discuss at least 3 differences.
2. Discuss the mise-en-scene, a) the look and b) sound of the film and its effectiveness in telling the story. The story is set in the future (Burgess wrote it in 1962; Kubrick filmed it in 1971. Does the mise-en-scene have futuristic qualities? Also, while discussing the music, explain the differences between “diegenic” and “nondiegenic” music. It may matter to the character/narrator, but does it matter to the audience whether the music is either of these types? Provide details.
3. What is with all the pornographic art and imagery? What do all the paintings of sex acts and sculptures of male genetalia have to do with the story? Is there a connection between sex and violence? Explain using details. Does the nudity, imagery, and symbolism mean society is headed towards further lawlessness?
4. How do you feel about the technique for curing society of violence the Ludovico Technique (brainwashing)?
5. Discussion is made by the priest that Alex loses his free will, but the Ludovico Technique did prevent him from committing further acts of violence. How do you feel about respecting the free will of convicted criminals?
6. Does prison work to rehabilitate criminals? There was talk in the movie about overcrowding prisons merely contributing to the criminal way of life.
7. The little exposure to traditional religion at the prison had no effect on the inmates. Does religion in or outside of prison help keep people from committing crimes?
8. At the end of the film, Alex is up to his old ways but now has the advantage of the government being on his side, so it can save face from the embarrassment of the event that transpired after his release. At the film end, Alex may be even more dangerous than he was when he was a common criminal. How does this ending work for you in comparison with the last chapter of the book in which Alex truly does seem to change. What changes him in the novel’s last chapter? (This part can tie in with section 1).
9. Arrange the essay any way you wish as long as all 8 sections are addressed. It may be easier to write 8 paragraphs. Including connective, transitional words will make the result read better, a more unified and coherent whole essay.

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