Discuss the main points of the articles (what was studied, how it was studied and what the authors found).

Reflection Paper 3
For this assignment, you will evaluate scholarly/academic journal articles that study mediated (mass) communication.

1.Find two (2) scholarly/academic articles (published in the last 5 years) that study the relationship between media and society, culture or individuals.

Go to Google Scholar and do a keyword search a medium and effect of your choice. (eg. video games and aggression, magazines and body image, movies and stereotypes and social media and identity).

The articles must be RESEARCH STUDIES (that is, the authors(s) did an actual study using interviews, surveys, or experiments).

The articles must be related to MEDIA communication.

The articles must be from a JOURNAL (not a newspaper or magazine). These articles are usually peer-reviewed or refereed, 20 to 30 pages in length, and written by authors who are usually affiliated with universities or colleges.

Both articles must focus on the same media and effect (eg. video games and aggression, OR magazines and body image).

Discuss the main points of the articles (what was studied, how it was studied and what the authors found). Use no more than 300 words to answer this question.

Based on the results/findings of both studies, do you think media help to reinforce the power that some groups have over others? Use two (2) specific evidences from the findings of the articles to support your point.

Provide full citation of the articles at the end of the paper.


All of these elements should be compiled in a 600-900-word, typed paper.

Higher scores will be reserved for papers that appropriately incorporate concepts from the text and lectures. This means several concepts, not just one or two.

Avoid using the first person (i.e. I, I think) in your paper.

** please use concepts from chapter 11 from Warren, John and Deanna Fassett. Communication: A Critical/Cultural Introduction. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2015. Print.

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