Discuss the important elements and justify your argument.


Date Due: week 6
Length: Around1000 words. Word count does not include quotes or reference list.
omitting quoted words, on the title page.
Value: 25%

TOPIC: You have been provided with seven (7) articles that will be used to complete your assignments.

Making use of all seven articles provided to you, and only these resources, construct an essay that identifies positive and negative aspects of Australia as a tourism destination. Discuss the important elements and justify your argument. Make use of the work you have done in Assignment 1 as this will provide a basis for your essay. You are expected to use quotes from the articles to support what you say. Write your outline using the ESSAY style of writing. As it is an academic document, you must follow the citation methods and examples set out in the Handbook under “Referring to Other Writers’ Work”.

NOTE: The essay should be a logical argument. Begin with an introductory paragraph, which provides background for the topic, analyses the topic, and gives an overview of the whole essay, indicating the direction your essay will take. Each of the middle paragraphs will develop a single point. The concluding paragraph summarizes the principal points and rounds off by reasserting the writer’s position in different words. Each paragraph will have a theme sentence, quote directly from the material, and use linking devices. Do not use first person, and use only formal English. Quotes and citations must be clearly indicated by in-text references, and there must be a list of Works Cited, arranged alphabetically by authors, on a separate sheet at the end of the essay. Citations and bibliography should follow the APA style illustrated in the handbook.
You have to;
1- Make it Academic Essay.
2- Use Academic and formal language.
3- Take the information only from the recourse that is attached.
4- Do the reference for the articles in side the text and do the reference list a2 the end from the seven articles.
5- Do not include it slang or emotional words.
6- Don not forget the thesis statement.

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