Discuss the importance of Intelligence tests in employee recruitment and selection.



Jubail University College

Department of Business Administration

Semester 371

Assignment 1: Group Presentation

Discussing various Industrial Concepts

and Applying them to Practical Situations.

Course Name: Industrial Psychology
Course Code: BUS 283
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1.    Type of Assignment :


a.                Chose a topic for presentation from the list provided below.

b.               Research case studies that have successfully applied your area of presentation and support your presentation with practical situations.

c.                Research and analyze journal papers or studies that have been conducted in the same area and use that information to support your presentation.

d.               Case studies and research studies will be assessed as application of knowledge.



2.    Grading Rubrics and Allocation of Marks :

BUS 283 Industrial Psychology: Assignment 1_Semester 371

Discussing Industrial Psychology Concepts and Applying them to Practical Case Study Practices

  Addressing Audience Knowledge Knowledge Application Communication Skills Dress Code Body Language Confidence Group Mark Vote of Thanks Total
Mark 1 4 4 4 2 2 2 5 1 25







3.     Group size :   4-5 team members



4.     Week 7 :      All group presentations are conducted in week 7





5.    Presentation Topics :

1. Discuss the importance of Intelligence tests in employee recruitment and selection.
2. Examine the goals of performance evaluation and discuss how performance rating errors could be managed.
3. Explore how the functions of personnel psychology support the purpose of industrial psychology.
4. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of structured and unstructured job interviews.
5. Discuss difficulties of predicting employee performance using references and letters.
6. Explore the purpose of job description and job specification in recruitment.
7 Discuss how internal pay equity is determined and highlight the problems of pay inequities.
8. Discuss the factors that contribute to the ineffectiveness of interviews.


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