Discuss the elements of conflict in Antigone.

Direction: Choose one of the following topic for your Drama Essay

<Oedipus the King>

1. What causes the downfall of Oedipus? Is he simply a pawn in a pre-determined game played by the gods, or does he create his own destiny? (fate vs freewill)

2. Trace the images of vision and blindness throughout the play. How do these images create a theme? Why does Oedipus blind himself instead of joining Jocasta in suicide?

3. Discuss the elements of conflict on Oedipus the King. Remember there are three types of conflict: a) Man vs Man. b) man vs himself. c) Man vs nature


4. Who is responsible for what happens? Could tragedy been avoided if Creon or Antigone had behaved differently? Do Creon and Antigone share any similar characteristics?

5. What are Creon’s reasons for issuing the decree forbidding Polynices’ burial? What are Antigone’s reasons for rejecting Creon’s order? Whose arguments are more convincing? Does Creon’s attitude toward women affect his reaction to Antigone’s disobedience to the state?

6. Discuss the elements of conflict in Antigone. Remember there are three types of conflict: a) man vs man. b) man vs himself. c) man vs nature.

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