Discuss specifics about style and technique.

It must COMPARE and CONTRAST the style and technique of Robert Rodriguez and Terry Gilliam.
Why do you think these are great directors?
Discuss specifics about style and technique.
Who are their influences and who have they influenced?
I’m looking for Specific shots, scenes, lines of dialog, camera moves, edits, production design decisions, costumes and moments that your director has crafted. I’m looking for what subject matter they’ve chosen and why? In short, tell me – over at least a few films – WHAT they want to say (Style-subject matter)…and HOW they’re saying it (Camera, lighting, editing etc). Be sure to focus NOT on the directors’ biographies. Not just on what their films are “About”. I want you to focus on how the stories are told, not the stories themselves. Remember, its not an English class. It’s a class on the specifics of directing. So Don’t give plot summaries or dwell on themes and messages. Its good to mention a theme, but then dive into HOW that theme is communicated using the tools of directing. Compare the directors’ use of tools as a way to get their points across. What are the points they make and how do they physically achieve them using camera, editing, performance, sound design, production design etc?

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