Discuss possible topics with the instructor or the SI.

Instructor: Richard Gunawardane

Writing Assignment

As a part of the course you are required to write a short paper on a scientific topic of current interest related to chemistry. This may take the form of a brief written summary or a short synopsis (not exceeding one page) of some topic chosen by you with the approval of the instructor. If you have any difficulty in selecting a topic you may discuss possible topics with the instructor or the SI. This paper should deal with some important aspect of chemistry and/or its applications.

You may use contents in the textbook not covered by lectures, any other chemistry text, chemistry journals available in the library, internet resources etc to select a suitable topic.

The paper should be printed in one page with single spacing and the number of words should be in the range 300-400. At least two references other than the textbook should be cited at the end of the paper. A typical written assignment should contain about 350 words with 2-4 references cited at the end of paper. Title of the paper and your name should be written at the top of the page.

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
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