Discuss how the townspeople prepared for the lottery.

the story is (The Lottery by Shirley Jackson) This short essay is to expose you to MLA documentation and writing about literature. short story you find most interesting and then follow the instructions for your chosen story.

The following are the guidelines you should follow in drafting your paper:

The Lottery instructions:

Introduction: Paragraph One – write a short biography of the author Shirley Jackson; define irony; thesis statement will be last sentence in this paragraph. Use the following thesis sentence:

Thesis: In The Lottery the author uses irony to provide readers with a twisted tale that shocks readers in the end.

Paragraph Two – Discuss how the townspeople prepared for the lottery

Use one quotation

Paragraph Three – Discuss the ironic twists of the name lottery and what happens to Tessie in the end

Use one quotation

Paragraph Four – Rephrase thesis; conclude with an overall meaning of the story

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