Discuss how the topic can be applied in one’s personal, professional or academic life.

The final assignment for this class will be a short research paper of 3 – 5 full pages. Students will work toward their final paper throughout the course.
• The paper must be turned into TurnItIn.
• 3-5 full pages long, not including the Title and Reference pages.
• APA citation and format (see PowerPoint presentations in classroom for specifics).
• A minimum of four resources used and referenced in the paper.
• Topic must be submitted to, and approved by, your instructor during Week Two.
• Topic must be related to learning. Suggestions include, but are not limited to the following:
o Study skills – note taking, reading comprehension, time management
o Preparing for and taking exams
o Learning styles
o Adult learning theory
o Mind – Body connection
o How the environment plays a role in learning
Learning Outcomes
Students who successfully complete this assignment will be able to:
• Discuss a topic related to learning.
• Discuss how the topic can be applied in one’s personal, professional or academic life.
• Manage time effectively.
• Locate resources in the Online Library.
• Format a short research paper in APA style.
• Appropriately cite resources using APA style.
• Prepare a reference page in accordance to APA style.
Here are the references:
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