Discuss an Introduction to Human Resource Management.

Your task is to produce a report that sets out the steps involved in designing a recruitment and selection strategy for WWF aimed at increasing the diversity of its workforce, focusing on a specific aspect of diversity, for example Age, Gender, Ethnicity or disability.

In designing a recruitment and selection strategy you need to think of the following:

The organization would like to increase its diversity, so what will you need to find out about your labour market and how will you advertise jobs to attract a more diverse workforce and why?

You need to think about the job descriptions (called role profiles and classified in job families at WWF), how they should be designed to ensure fairness and inclusion, and also maintain cultural-fit.

Will recruitment be based on behavioural competencies? “Success Factors” for the recruitment of the new positions? How will these be used?

What are the selection techniques most appropriate for WWF’s strategy?

Transition – induction to new staff, how do you make sure staff are settled into the organisation and embrace the organizations’ values?

2,500 words, excluding references, plus 500 words Reflective Testimonial

Hand in date: Friday 11th December 2015, 2pm

100% weighting
The full report should include the following sections:

Cover page: include your student ID and the title of your report. DO NOT include your name. All marking is anonymous.

Table of Contents: outlining the title of the different sections of your report, including any appendices and figures.

Introduction: setting out the aims of the report and some background detail about the case study organisation
Literature review: review of relevant literature on recruitment and selection with the aim of enhancing diversity. You need to provide examples of practices which are adopted by different companies.it would be useful to review practices from the charity sector.

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