Discuss a psychological interventions in sport.


Identify a person/group involved in sport or thinking about getting involved in sport, not yourself. Using a case study approach and relevant psychological intervention tools covered in this module reflect on the procedures you have implemented with this individual/group and the outcome of the intervention. If this is still in the process of being concluded, then you need to report on interim results.

Throughout your piece, to support your discussion, use theory and others’ research studies.

• Utilise an intervention method or combination of methods that have been covered in this module. If you just use one, discuss briefly others you considered
• Briefly describe the method(s)
• Demonstrate on awareness of case study techniques
• Reflect on specific procedures and their implementation relative to the method(s) and the needs of the individual/group identified
• Consider the outcomes of using the method(s) with the individual/group to date
• Analyse the importance of the client relationship
• Critically evaluate the role of the sports psychologist
• Support points through the use of key readings and journal articles
• Provide a clear and coherent structure through the use of logical paragraphs
• Word processed and be well-presented
• Reference in Harvard format

Can you use the goal setting model/intervention please and make sure the work is written in british english (speling also)

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