Different macroeconomic scenarios.

Executive Summary

Your goal is to build a DSS that can be used for “stress testing banks” using the approach described in Case 7 of your textbook (see p. 134). After you build the DSS, you will subject a bank to 4 different macroeconomic scenarios. The results of this stress test have to be interpreted in order to decide whether a particular bank is ready for the 4 scenarios or not.


1. Please submit an Excel work sheet with the following tabs:
a. Tab 1 named “Stress Test DSS”. This tab should contain the DSS model described in Case 7 of your textbook (see p. 134). You can use the “skeleton file” uploaded with this assignment to get started.
b. Tab 2 named “Scenario Summary”. This tab should contain summaries of the 4 scenarios (see p. 14). This tab should also contain a short (a few sentences) interpretation of the results of the four scenarios together with your overall recommendation or conclusion given those results. You may use a chart to aid your analysis, but this is optional.

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