Difference and Other Important Matters

From Difference Matters Ch. 1 Difference and Other Important Matters

1.  Why does difference matter? (in your own words but based on the reading also).

2.  What are some obstacles to valuing difference?  In particular be sure you understand the consequences of connecting “difference” with nondominant groups (pages 7-8).

3.  How do the differences in perceiving the world based on social identity inhibit interactions between the privileged and nonprivileged?

4.  Why does this chapter include a discussion of organizations?

Listening and Dialogue

Read the posted link called Magic of Dialogue and the handout Dialogue Combined (includes the grid with debate versus dialogue, the listening strategies etc) to answer these questions.

  1. In your own words, give a synopsis of the difference between debate and dialogue (see handouts):
  1. What three elements are necessary for dialogue?
  1. Read the strategies for dialogue both in the online link and in the handout.  Are there any scenarios you can think of when these strategies wouldn’t work?  What should you do then?  How do we engage in dialogue when opinions and emotions run hot?



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