Did the method of presentation provide you with any new insights?


Prior to beginning this discussion, please make sure to watch Screencast Part 1 and Screencast Part 2. The MHA610_Week 1_Discussion_Hospital data (Excel) and MHA610_Week 1_Discussion_Hospital Data (Statdisk) contains basic demographic information on 250 patients admitted to a community hospital over a two week period. The first row of the worksheet indicates the variable names:

Gender Male (M) or female (F)
SevIllnessCode These are All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (APR-DRG)

categories of severity of illness, ranging from:

SevIllnessDescr Mild (Category 1) to extreme (Category 4)
Age In years
Wt Patient weight, in kilograms
Ht Patient height, in centimeters
BMI Patient body mass index (BMI), where BMI = wt/ht*2, with weight in kilograms

and ht height in meters

APR-DRG Denotes All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Group, a widely used inpatient

classification system.


For this discussion, describe and summarize the demographic information on these patients. You may use tables or graphs (or both) for this purpose. Your goal is to convey to the reader an accurate snapshot of these patients. Support your response with correct scholarly sources. You initial post must be at least 250-500 words.

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your peers by Day 7, 11:59PM. Review your colleague’s summary of the data. Did the method of presentation provide you with any new insights? If so, what are they? If not, what suggestions might you make to your colleague that could improve his or her representation of the data? All initial and peer postings should be at least 250-500 words in APA format supported by scholarly sources.

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