Did the defendant have probable cause to detain Johnson, and was the twenty-minute detention of Johnson reasonable in these circumstances?

Please answer the following questions with complete explanation of "how" and "why" you came to the answer, not just writing the answer.

1. Sarah Gramling, an expert in the use of explosives, obtained a city permit to level a ten-story building in the center of town by implosion. The explosives were carefully placed throughout the structure so that it wild collapse inwardly and leave a heap of rubble on the site. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, one charge on the third floor caused fragmnents of brick, concrete, and glass to fly outward. As a result, extensive and constly damage was done to plate glass in nearby buildings and to parked automobiles in the vicinity. There were also personal injuries. Is Gramling liable, even though dhe acted with a city permit and there was no evidence or claim of negligence?

2. During a wild party on the Fourth of July, Harry Hammer went outside and fired his 9mm pistol several times into the dark Los Angeles sky. Unfortunately, unlike the fabled arrow shot in the sky, Hammer’s bullet descended, hitting and penetrating Penelope March’s head and causing her modest but permanent injuries. Following the incident, Marsh lackedenthusiasm, complained of headaches, and was easily frightened by loud noises. Hammer had homeowner’s liability insurance that would cover his negligent acts, and a good, permanent job paying him $8,000 a month. Would Hammer’s insurance policy pay for Marsh’s injuries? Could Marsh obtain punitive damages from Hammer?

3. Vera Babbitt, a mischievous prankster, called and told her friend Michelle Fleischer that her fiance Gary Dunn was in a booth at the Hardball Sports Bar making out with an old girlfriend. Before Babbitt could explain her message was a joke, Fleischer slammed down the telephone, jumped into her RV, and sped off to catch Dunn in the act. Unfortunately, Fleischer cut off another driver and caused an accident, seriously injuring Billie Bellweather. What tort liabilities have arisen and against whom?

4. Harriet Robicheaux made a batch of brownies and donated to them to the Girl Scouts to be sold as part of a fund raiser. Unfortunately, several purchasers of the brownies became ill and died. Does the product-liability rule establish that Robicheaux is strictly liable for all the injuries caused by the brownies?

5. Johnson entered the defendant’s store carrying her small child in an infant seat. When she tried to leave the store, she was stopped in a public place by a security officer who said that another employee had reported seeing her steal the infant seat. To show ownership, Johnson pointed to cat hair, food crumbs, and stains on the seat. After a twenty-minute delay, the security officer apologized to the defendant and permitted her to leave. The trial court dismissed her action for false imprisonment, and Johnson appealed. Did the defendant have probable cause to detain Johnson, and was the twenty-minute detention of Johnson reasonable in these circumstances? [Johnson v. K-Mart Enterprises, Inc., 98 Wis.2d 533, 297 N.W.2d 74 (wisconsin, 1980).]

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