Developing Roles and Rules for the Team


IET 3410

Project Exercise 4: Developing Roles and Rules for the Team

General Instructions


Due Date: Sunday, September 11th, 2016



This course includes a set of Project exercises that each student must complete and submit by deadline specified above. Submit exercise #4 with title that clearly identifies your assignment (Example: “Proj Ex 4: Roles and Rules”.) to the D2L dropbox created for it. In addition, each student is to submit their individual version of the Roles and Rules proposition fully described to the Team Leader and to (at least) the Professor using the “Cc:” box when submitting to the Professor.

Project exercises are submitted by each student for class and Team discussion. Grades are concerning the timeliness of submission, (grades for the quality of the content will take place when Reports are submitted at midterm and end of semester).


Discussion and feedback of Project Exercises will take place in class. For feedback 01 students are to bring an extra hard copy to class and place it on the front desk at the beginning of class. W01 students can identify their section in the email and ask that a copy be made for class, if no team member is available to bring a copy to class.


Reminder **

There will be a loss of a letter grade (10%) immediately if late, and then a letter grade each 24 hour period thereafter until the next class meeting.  Late exercise assignments will not be accepted after our next class meeting.



Developing Roles and Rules for the Team



Each Team member is to have a specific team role (“Team Member” is not an option and the guidelines/roles in the book do not have to be specifically followed.) The roles are to be discussed as a team and assigned with the consent of the member taking a specific role. The roles are to be fleshed out during the discussion in this first meeting, then each individual role is to be fully described by each individual team member, and written down and submitted both to the Professor, as instructed above, and to the Team Leader (and Scribe, if the Team decides on this method of communicating and distributing; the alternative being having the Team Leader pass on communication to the Scribe for Minutes preparation). The Roles will be documented in the Minutes of the Meeting by the Team Scribe.


Each team is to take one to two meetings to finalize the team roles. In the first meeting the Roles are discussed, and then each team member fully describes their Role, submits it to the Professor, and then brings it to the second meeting for the final discussion by the Team. During this second discussion the Team makes sure that the Roles are understood, feedback can be obtained, and changes can be made to insure that all major roles are covered, and there are no gaps or overlap in the roles and responsibilities.


It is understood that Team members will have tasks to complete that do not fall specifically under the described Role in this Exercise. However, the Responsibility Matrix will be the time for all general responsibilities to be discussed and assigned. More specific tasks are either clarified during the creation of the Matrix, or during the Team Meetings and written into the Minutes.



The Team Rules will be created openly and freely by the full Team in this meeting and then finalized in the next Team Meeting, then documented by being placed in the Meeting Minutes by the Scribe. The Rules are basically up to the Team. The only Rule specified by the Professor is the definition of “Tardy’ for Meetings. It is to be five (5) minutes and be listed after the students name as “(T)” on the Minutes in the “Attendance” section. Think carefully and be thorough and open about the Rules. And the Rules can be amended or added to in the future. Otherwise, follow the instructions below in the Discussion section of this Project Exercise. This is to include an open discussion and creation of the Rules, a labeling of the Rules as either “inhibiting” or “enhancing”, and then the re-writing of the inhibiting rules into language that would describe them as enhancing. (This distinction can be discussed in class for clarification, so please bring any questions there for the benefit of the entire class.)


Each Team Member, for this Exercise, is responsible for;


  • Filling out an individual Role and suggested Rules (Word document-Max 3 pages)


  • Submitting the individual Role (and suggested Rules) to the Team Leader as requested, and Submitting the individual Role (and suggested Rules) to the Professor as a copy (Cc:) to the same email sent to the Team Leader


  • Bringing the individual Roles to the Team Meeting for discussion


  • And if there are any questions bringing and turning in at the beginning of the next class a hard copy of the individual Role (or Team’s Roles)


To fulfill this Project Exercise, each student is to submit their individual Role fully described to the Team Leader using the Instructions above and to (at least) the Professor using the “Cc:” box when submitting to the Professor. (This will be a common and routine method of submission in future Project Exercises.) Submission to the Team Leader (and Professor) will be a part of receiving full credit for this (and future) Exercises. (Teams may also decide to send their individual, first drafts to the entire team when submitting to the team leader to aid the process of discussion and decision making.)


Start Writing the Report

***Start writing the Report sections now, if you haven’t already. As the sections of the Project are completed the Teams are to assign the writing of the sections to the Team members doing the individual parts of the Project (unless otherwise agreed to by the Team in a Team Meeting.) The exception will be the Introduction section of the Report, which will need to be assigned separately. It should have been done early in the Project, corresponding with the Objective to enhance the understanding by the Team of the Project Objective and Scope. If not, then assign it now.



(A re-print of the Roles & Rules section of the Team Building Project Instructions is provided here for your review.)



Developing Roles and Rules for the Team




Define Team Roles in specific, well stated terms, with each person’s role written out in well stated terminology. Use individual skills and experience to assign specific duties to specific roles. Assign a mix of specific or meeting related duties and broader, research, direct contact and application type of tasks. Use “team role” duties and tasks when creating the Responsibility Matrix. (Be sure statistical duties and graphical or exhibit duties are well covered.)


Generally there is always a Team Leader and a Scribe. Other roles may vary. The team leader is not here to assign duties, but to insure that all team members have the support to get the tasks done on a timely basis. Think of leadership in teams as a job of facilitation, not being a “boss”. Communication which includes the Team’s Schedule, is an important part of that support. Decisions will be made as a team during the meetings and documented in the Minutes, with the Agenda being a re-write of the decisions made at the end of the discussion of each topic when what, who and when are decided. Who will do what by when is decided in the meeting and then sent out in the Agenda by the team leader in a timely fashion to insure good communication. The Scribe position is very important to insure communication as well, and must be taken seriously from the first meeting of the semester.


Each team is asked to take two meetings to finalize the team roles. In the first meeting is the usual discussion about who will take which role and what that role will be. Once finalized, each team member will, before the next team meeting, write up their role in their own words, bring this back to the next meetings and present copies of their role to each other team member. The team will then discuss each role to insure full understanding of each other’s role and to make sure there are no gaps or conflicting overlap in the designated team roles.


After Roles are determined, in a following Project Exercise called the Responsibility Matrix, a list of individual responsibilities for each team member will be determined based on Roles. This is done first as general areas of responsibilities, followed by listing the specific tasks that will be necessary to complete the general areas. There are no “co-responsibilities”. There must be a “primary” for each. But, there can be assistants specified. This, however, is the beginning of the next step of developing the Responsibility Matrix.


Develop Team Rules divided into Inhibiting and Enhancing Rules. Be sure to think these out completely to cover all possible situations that may “inhibit” the work or approaches that may “enhance” the progress of the project. In general, “inhibiting” rules are ones that sound like they are controlling the team member(s) behavior, and “enhancing” rules sound supportive of the team and their tasks. The rules are to be agreed upon by all team members. As a final step the team is to take all the inhibiting rules and see how they can be re-worded to be enhancing rules.


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