Develop the schedule for the TIP project.

Project Ached w/ Dependency Links

Full details and requirements, plus grading criteria, are in the Instruction document.

The purpose of this Team projects to develop a project schedule by copying or entering the WEBS tasks into MS Project and then adding predecessor-successor dependency links to each work task.

Your student project team will together collaboratively develop the schedule for the TIP project.  (Group summary tasks higher up in the hierarchy need not have links or dependencies added, as MS Project will take care of them automatically.)

Before entering into MS Project or developing the schedule, sure that you integrate the attached Wuss from ITP-2i, combining them to ensure that nothing is left out and that your consolidated project WEBS is the best it can be.  Then, jointly base your schedule on that.


Please check the attached file. I have attached the instructional File and the Choose WEBS you will be using for the project. Please remember it also require an additional word document that includes you answer.

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