Develop a memo document proposing a brand extension for John Deere

SUMMARY: Based in this information below, develop a memo document proposing a brand


extension for John Deere, including where (what market) that extension would be sold (again, the




focus is on critical thinking; where would John Deere products be most practical today? Consider


developing countries or, ideally, a location that is growing and is near a John Deere factory). See


additional assignment details at the bottom of this document.


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John Deere Equipment was founded by John Deere in 1837 and was incorporated in 1868 as Deere


& Company. Mr. Deere started this company as a one-man blacksmith shop and it is now a


worldwide corporation that has offices in more than 160 countries and employs more than 46,000


people. John Deere is one of the oldest industrial companies in the United States and it is guided by


the original values of quality, innovation, integrity, and commitment that John Deere instilled at the




The business strategy of John Deere, in the employees’ handbook is: “We aspire to serve customers


distinctively — those linked to the land — through a great business, a business as great as our




“To achieve this aspiration, our strategy is: Exceptional operating performance; disciplined growth;


high-performance teamwork; cooperation with the customer and dealer. Execution of this strategy


creates the distinctive ‘John Deere Experience’ that ultimately propels a great business and, for all


with a stake in our success, delivers…Performance That Endures.”


The company consistently strives to give its stakeholders the maximum value for their money by


continuous improvement and growth in all sectors of the company. The company is organized into


four manufacturing divisions:

Agricultural Equipment – products for farms


Commercial and Consumer Equipment – equipment related to lawn and ground care,



residential needs, golf and turf, and commercial operations

Construction and Forestry Equipment


John Deere Power Systems – products involved with developing engines for other John



Deere products.

Products and Services: John Deere, with the help of its many subsidiaries, is involved in the



manufacturing, distribution, and financing of a large and complete line of agricultural equipment.


The product line also includes a very broad range of forestry and construction equipment, and


various other consumer and commercial equipment.


Other features of the company include the provision of credit and managed health-care plans for


other businesses and also for the general public.

Marketing: The products of John Deere are marketed throughout the world via a large network



that consists of many independent dealers, which are supported by a decentralized marketing




These dealers have their offices in many countries such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada,


China, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the


United States, and Uruguay.

Manufacturing: The factories for John Deere are located in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China,



Finland, France, Germany, India, Mexico, New Zealand, The Netherlands, South Africa, Spain,


Sweden, and the United States.

Research & Development: Research and development has always been one of the key interest



points for John Deere as the company is known to have invested heavily in new products and new


technologies in order to meet new markets and customer demands.


The various areas of R&D include activities for support of current product, the development of new


products and extensions of existing product lines, and also for the search for new product-oriented


businesses. Many of the factories run by John Deere have a product engineering department whose


responsibilities include the design and development of new and existing products.

Diversity: Deere & Company considers diversity to be a vital part of the company’s core mission



and goals. Deere & Company believes in building a vast and great network; one that would strive to


cater to all the various stakeholders, including the consumers, the employees, shareholders, business


partners, and communities all over the world.


Since Deere & Company is a global company with its offices and production factories situated all


over the world, it has a very large responsibility to all its international stakeholders. More than


20,000 of this company’s employees reside outside the United States, and 45% of the total sales


realized come from outside North America.


Deere continues to expand its production and products worldwide and is making its presence


known in various new markets all over the world. This also means that new and diverse employees,


suppliers, and business partners from various ethnic, social, and cultural backgrounds have to be


continuously incorporated in the business strategy of Deere so that the company is able to remain


the market leader.


For this to happen, the company’s executives have to continuously hire people from diverse


backgrounds so that they can better deal with the needs and expectations of the company’s



Parameters (Focal Points) of the company’s expansion goals.



Based on the points discussed above, it is imperative that strategies be developed that will address


how Deere & Company can grow in new markets such as parts of Asia and South America.


Using R&D, manufacturing and marketing, Deere & Company wishes to expand:


(1) Product Diversification


(2) Technology


(3) Quality


(4) Innovation


(5) its commitment to all Employees


(6) its Commitment to the Communities in which a factory or office is located and/or


where the company has a sizable “footprint” (market presence)


(7) Emphasize why “Nothing runs like a Deere” through expanded advertising throughout


new markets



Using Critical Thinking, determine and develop the following:


A. Decide on a new product – a brand extension or a whole new category or expand in an


existing category – for John Deere to develop.


B. Decide on a market – pick a new market where John Deere should go (see above) and


develop an idea on how to reach that specific country or audience


C. Develop a memo as the Chief Marketing Officer for the company briefly discussing the


proposed new product and proposed new market. Include comment on John Deere’s


commitment to new communities to which the company plans to expand through a new


international non-profit organization designed to help local residents. This is intended as a


“goodwill” effort in an attempt to build national attention to the company’s willingness to


be a good corporate citizen. (For reference, visit


Remember, as listed above, the company is known for innovation and quality, so think


about those factors when working on your document.

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