Determining your research design, developed your marketing research questionnaire, and have conducted the survey using the questionnaire.

Up to this point, you have determined your research design, developed your marketing research questionnaire, and have conducted the survey using the questionnaire. It is now time to complete your marketing research survey project, by providing your analysis and report of the research.

Marketing Research Survey – Analysis

The purpose of the analysis is to review the data that you have gathered and to examine the results, trends, and meaning that you find from the data. You identified sources of secondary data in Unit 5, and the survey conducted in Unit 8 allowed you to gather primary data. At this time, analyze the survey results.

Marketing Research Survey – Report

Now that the analysis is complete, prepare your Marketing Research Survey Report. As you create this report, place yourself in the role of a market researcher and consider how you would present the information to your stakeholder, using Microsoft PowerPoint. Your presentation should include the following:

  • Include a review of your hypothesis, survey instrument, rationale, and survey subject information.
  • Include a description of how you gathered your information.
  • Include the analysis of the research data gathered.
  • Document the conclusions that can be made, based on your survey.
  • Include your associated recommendations.
  • This information should be presented in Microsoft PowerPoint, using 15–20 slides.

The following material may be useful in understanding marketing research, and specifically as related to conducting research via a questionnaire:

  • The U.S. Government Small Business Administration Web site contains relevant marketing basics and marketing research information. Note that the marketing research page includes information on designing and using questionnaires. Links are provided in the Resources.
  • Wikipedia has some relevant overview and questionnaire construction information.

Post a draft of your Marketing Research Survey Project in this discussion area, so that your peers can provide feedback. Refer to the Marketing Research Survey course project description prior to posting your completed project for peer review. The purpose of the feedback is to help you improve your project, prior to submitting it in Unit 10.

Note: Your instructor might provide feedback, as well as your peers, but the main purpose of this activity is to review your peers’ projects, to broaden your understanding of the course material, and to provide feedback to peers whose projects you reviewed.

It is expected that this draft will be complete. You should not submit drafts that are missing sections or that do not fully meet the expectations of the project. The purpose of having a draft assignment is to obtain feedback from peers, and possibly you instructor, to have an even better final assignment.

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