Determine what pages will be necessary for the site based on the provided document.


  • index.html;
  • about.html;
  • contact.html;
  • staff.html;
  • rates.html;
  • CIS363A_W2_LabA_graphic.gif; and
  • lab2.css. (unless you do not use external CSS files)

    Word or Visio Storyboard Diagram document


Deliverable Points
Word or Visio document with storyboard 5
Completed website based on project specifications 25
Correct External CSS file that attaches to each page 10
Total 40



Lab Steps


Step 1: Storyboard The Site


  • Review the MS Word document downloaded from the scenario and summary above.
  • Determine what pages will be necessary for the site based on the provided document.
  • Create a storyboard to show those pages as they relate to each other.


Step 2: Establish A Basic Structure Of An HTML 5 Document


  • Create a new folder named W2Lab in the site root.
  • Create and save your CSS file in the W2Lab folder.
  • Save the file as index.htm in the W2Lab folder.


Step 3: Prepare The Resources


  • Download this graphic and save it in your W2Lab folder.
  • Place the image to serve as the logo on your HTML 5 page.
    • In the Alt value box, type Rainbow Daycare Logo.
  • Save the file.


Step 4: Create Links


  • Create four links representing a simple navigation menu.
    • Link one—change to About Us
    • Link two—change to Our Staff
    • Link three—change to Contact Us
    • Link four—change to Our Rates
  • Establish the links as necessary:
    • About Us → about.html
    • Our Staff → staff.html
    • Contact Us → contact.html
    • Our Rates → rates.html
  • Save the file.


Step 5: Add Static Information


  • Add descriptions below the navigation menu as paragraphs describing the nature of the links.
  • Save the file.


Step 6: Create And Test The Other Pages


  • Save the index.html file as about.html.
  • Test your web pages using the browser of your choice.


Step 7: Populate The Pages


  • The data document is arranged by page. Change the Heading 1 for each page to an appropriate title for that content, and use the content supplied for that page.
  • Here is the formatting suggestion for each page.
    • Index—Use a paragraph.
    • About—Use paragraphs, with a bullet list for activities.
    • Staff—Use a bullet list, indented for each group.
    • Contact—These are labels and values separated by colons, line breaks for phone, e-mail, and address. Place the promotion statement in a paragraph at the bottom and style appropriately.
    • Rates—This is a three-column table. Age, hours, and rates are the column headers.


Step 8: Prep For Turn-In


  • Save all files. Locate the W2Lab folder in Windows Explorer and select it.
  • Right-click and select Send To and choose compressed file.

Rename the file, where Lastname is your last name.

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page: