Designing and Planning the Active Directory Architecture

Larry is the owner of HLS Company and is opening a new financial services business. He leased office space in 10 locations throughout metropolitan Chicago. The tenth office is considered the corporate office. Larry is on a limited budget and has asked the IT experts to work with you to determine the most efficient way of implementing a domain infrastructure for these offices. These offices are going to need to be managed both locally and remotely from the corporate office. Three of the offices have a very limited IT staff to maintain the network services. Larry would like to implement a complete Windows 2008 Active Directory domain infrastructure throughout the 10 offices.

From the above scenario complete a one to two page report that addresses the following questions.

  1. What steps are required in the planning and design of this domain infrastructure?
  2. How would you implement and configure the AD domain for these offices?
  3. What would you implement to allow access between domains? Which type would you recommend and why?
  4. What should be installed and configured for the offices with limited IT staff and security? How will this be accomplished and deployed?
  5. What service provides the ability to store data for directory enable applications? List and detail three ways these services can be implemented in Active Directory.
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