Design section of the document outline for specific deliverables.

your projects will be for a company named RL Medical Imaging (RLMI). This company provides imaging services (MRIs, CAT scans, etc.) for physicians in the greater New York metropolitan area. The company has 50 clients with an average of 10 patients per week, per client, and it expects to grow at a rapid pace during the next 5 years. The company’s clients schedule imaging for their patients. Patient information is currently delivered to RLMI as paper documents. Imaging is performed, and the results are recorded (again on paper) and sent back to the client.

The goal for RLMI is to transform its current paper system to a computerized system and create a network with appropriate servers and workstations to support the required software and staff. In addition, RLMI would like to provide scheduling and results services via the Web to its clients. The company has 20 staff members (10 imaging technicians, 3 doctors, 1 sales and customer service representative, and 6 clerical staffers). The average results package (data and images) is 50 MB in size. The company must protect patient data because of federal patient-privacy laws, so security measures are important. In addition, the patient records are valuable, and the imaging is expensive, so it is important that a solid data backup process is in place.


Your first version of the network design and configuration document will also include a suitable network design. Review the project background, develop a design for a network that will meet the needs of the organization, and follow the guidelines under the Network Design section of the document outline for specific deliverables. Assumptions may be made where necessary, but they should be stated in the document.

Network Design

  • Include a network diagram that identifies the major hardware components of the network and illustrates the connections between the components.
  • Include a written discussion of the network design to justify the design you have chosen.
  • Include a cost summary of the proposed network, including the hardware and time that is required for installation and configuration.
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