Design elements created by the Ancient Greek that are still used today.

As presented on the Course Information page and in Unit 1, you will curate an Art History art exhibition as a course project.  The theme of this exhibition will be ‘The Evolution of Art’.

During Unit 3, you will submit the first part of your Art History course project.  Each part will be built upon the concepts and topics you are learning.  Only content from Unit 3 is required to compare modern architecture with the course content, however, you are encouraged to create a personal collection of images where you can make your own conclusions of the work, comparing / contrasting to what you like.  A draft of your project covering content from the first three Units will be due for review, and feedback will help to guide you towards creating a dynamic final presentation.

For this piece, you are going to discover the architecture in your community!  Take some time to explore your hometown, and take a close look at the architecture of the buildings.  Chances are, you will notice that there are still many design elements created by the Ancient Greek that are still used today.  Take pictures of the details you find that remind you of the Ancient Greeks, and describe what you see.  Try to find 4-6 different images to talk about.  It doesn’t have to be 4-6 buildings: look for 4-6 details on buildings.  Common places where you might find these details are: town halls, banks, churches, even some houses.  Present your discoveries in a PowerPoint presentation, complete with titles for the images, and a description for each.


Use the Maket House of Fayetteville NC

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