Mechanical Engineering

MECH 3330 Project 2 Due: 12/1/16

Design a tube bank that will increase the temperature of a 1200 CFM flow of air from 35⁰F to

100⁰F. Assume a constant pressure of 1atm. Each tube will have a diameter of 0.5in and a

length of 24in. The tube configuration must fit in an area of 18in by 18in. Assume reasonable

uniform surface temperature for the outside of the tubes.

Finding will be presented in a report with a memo cover sheet. A narrative including an

Introduction, Analysis Methods, Results, and Conclusions needs to be provided.

Introduction: Describe the problem

Analysis Methods: Describe the methods used to analyze the problem. Include equations used

and any other tools used.

Results: Provide a dimensioned drawing of the design along with any results obtained from

calculations or other analysis methods. The drawing should include the tube configuration,

number of tubes, and tub spacing.

Conclusions: Provide a summary of the problem, analysis, and results. Also discuss what

measurements and controls should be added to insure 100⁰F air at the exit.


The report must be created in a word processing program.

All drawings must be created with a computer aided drafting program.

Internally Reference all research sources and also include a reference page