Design a professional looking website that includes most of the elements taught in this course.


The final project for this course is the creation of an individual or professional website. Based on the knowledge obtained in this course and previous course work, you examine the principles of good website design, in addition to the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Make sure to include topics discussed throughout this course.



To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to apply what you have learned in this course and should include several of the following course and module objectives:

  1. Design a professional looking website that includes most of the elements taught in this course.


Main Elements

  1. The website includes tables.
  2. The website includes at least one form.
  3. The website includes at least one form with JavaScript validation.
  4. The website includes the use of CSS stylesheets, three different ways: external, internal, and inline.
  5. The website should include at least one form of multimedia (audio or video).
  6. At least one JavaScript event.
  7. In addition, the website should contain as many of the tags and features learned in this course as possible. You need to at least use:
  8. Bold
  9. Italic
  10. Unordered lists
  11. Ordered Lists
  12. Hyperlink to an external page
  13. Hyperlink to another part of the same page
  14. At least one horizontal rule
  15. Different font color, font size, etc.
  16. Include an image
  17. Footer

In addition to the above requirements, the website needs to be clean and professional looking.



o   The website must include at least 5 pages

o   The website must be hosted on the internet ( is a free tool to use for this).

o   The site must be built with HTML and not any WYSIWYG (like Dreamweaver) or website template.

o   Use CSS stylesheets to enhance the structure and the look of the website.


Type of paper Academic level Subject area
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