Describe what you experienced specifically.

Take a 15-minute (or longer) walk on or off campus.

You must be walking alone. No combining your walk with someone else from the class. If someone approaches you, please tell them you are doing a class activity and will talk to them later.
No technology during your walk – shut off your phone, don’t check it, no music, etc.
Try to walk somewhere you’ve never been before or don’t go often.
Write your Application Reflection
IDENTIFY and DEFINE a concept/idea from the chapter that connected or contrasted with what you experienced on your walk.
Parenthetically cite the concept/idea you’re addressing. In other words, at the end of your description, put the page number of where that concept/idea is referenced in the text within parenthesis (172).
APPLY that concept to what you experienced on your walk. Describe what you experienced specifically.
EXTEND (optional) your concept/example to other concepts we’ve studied to date, appropriate outside source material, etc.
Please provide a link to that material within your application reflection.
Connected to additional interpersonal concepts other than those assigned for this app reflect.
Connected to credible outside source material, extra topic resources (from JSB on Moodle), etc.
Provided parenthetical citation for text material and links/bib citation for outside material.

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
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