Describe what the complainant is seeking and why.

INDIVIDUAL WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT.  You are to work on your own exclusively.

Maximum 5 pages, not including cover page, references, bibliography or Appendices.

Complete sentences/complete original thoughts in bullet form or paragraphs.

Must be YOUR work.

Must use researched  materials

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References must be provided for all sources.


The Complainant’s Position

◦      Describe what the complainant is seeking and why.

◦      Provide a description and analysis of the complainant’s legal points and their significance to the outcome of the case.  Corel made many submissions, describe all of them.

The Defendant’s Position

◦      Provide a description and analysis of the defendant’s legal position and the significance of each point to the outcome of the case.

Microsoft’s Position

◦      Based on Microsoft’s arguments and submissions, describe their position.

The Ruling

◦      Provide an analysis of the rationale of the ruling, the ruling itself, and the remedies.

DUE: ON PAPER, beginning of class December 2, 2015.  THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS!

On paper, pages numbered, stapled.

Your name, name of assignment, my name and due date on a cover page.

No emailed submissions will be accepted this time.

No extensions will be accepted.



Cover Page

Analysis of Corel vs. Dept. of National Revenue (Oct. 1998)


Complainant’s Position

Defendant’s Position

Microsoft’s Position

The Ruling

Note: This is a procurement analysis and has the same elements as for Ron Engineering.

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