Describe various forms of internal and external threats to an organization.

Additional Information: DUE 6/20/16 @ 10PM; 2500 – 3000 WORDS IN SPA FORMAT

You and Shawn are now ready to meet with John and the board of directors at AC. Shawn calls to check in with you about the report.

“Hi, Shawn,” you say. “How’s everything at AC?”

“We’re doing well,” he says. “I am happy to report that employee satisfaction and morale have increased, employee retention rates are high, and productivity has substantially improved.”

“That’s great to hear,” you say. “I am finalizing my executive report, but I still need to add some information that will help ensure that AC remains proactive and competitive in a quickly changing global environment. I’ve got a short billeted list of things that I think should be added. Would you take a look at it, and give me your thoughts?”

“Sure,” he says. “E-mail it to me, and we’ll talk through it now. I’ve got time.”

“Okay,” you say. “Thanks.”

You send the following list to Shawn and discuss each point for inclusion in the report:

1. Describe various forms of internal and external threats to an organization.

2. Describe methods to detect internal and external threats to the organization.

3. Evaluate methods to protect the organization from internal and external threats.

4. Develop a proactive plan of environmental scanning to evaluate any e

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