Describe the three basic leadership styles and explain when each might be appropriate.

Instructions: This exam is an optional exam since each student is allowed to drop one exam grade. Be cognizant of the effort-performance performance-outcome links associated with taking this exam (i.e., what is the likelihood that this will change your grade or take away from your ability to exert effort to another class). The exam will be due Thursday November 19th by midnight. Please e-mail me your answers with the subject title Exam 4 BUA 1301.
There are 20 questions worth 5 points each. Some questions have multiple partsall of which need to be answered for the answer to be complete.
Chapter 14:
List and describe the management skills needed to effectively manage todays workforce (hint 14-1b). How do you plan on developing these skills here at Texas Wesleyan University?
Define Maslows hierarchy of needs theory and explain its relevance to the workplace.
Describe McGregors Theory X and Theory Y assumptions about workers. Include a discussion of the differences in Theory X and Theory Y managers.

Discuss how expectancy theory and equity theory impact employee motivation.

Describe the three basic leadership styles and explain when each might be appropriate.

Synthesize a motivation theory (choose at least one) and a leadership style (e.g., Theory X people need ____ style because) Explain how the leadership style is facilitated or hindered by the motivation theory.

What is your preferred leadership style? What does this say about you?

What is a SWOT analysis? How does this inform the organization?

What makes a goal effective?

Chapter 15:

Explain the importance of human resources to business success

Describe the different types of challenges that older workers and younger workers pose to human resource managers. Do you agree with their analysis of older and younger workers?

What is a job analysis?

List the six core areas that must be covered in a complete HR plan.

Compare the pros and cons of internal and external recruitment of human resources.

Describe the five steps of the selection process that results in a new hire, and explain why the selection process is important to the recruitment process.

Define how employers evaluate workers performance. Describe some of the potential appraisal goofs that can arise during this process.

Discuss four flexible scheduling options that employers have attempted to provide workers so that they can achieve a better work-life balance. If you had to choose one, which one would you choose? Why?

Chapter 16:

Why is managing information and technology important in todays business environment?

Explain how information technology is being used in the B2C and B2B market.

What are some challenges and concerns arising from new technologies?

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