Describe the target market.



How ______(pick an organization from the list below)______ conducts and uses marketing research in their strategic marketing management? Fill out and submit the form below. Be sure to read lecture Slides 18-26 and notes below slides (I ATTACHED ALL THE PRESENTATION SLIDES ALREADY).


  1. Identifying and evaluating market opportunities


Discuss 2 relevant trends (e.g., consumer, market, technology) [1 pt]:


  1. Analyzing market segments and selecting target markets



Describe the target market. Also, what research tool can help the company understand the target market? [1 pt]




  1. Planning and implementing a marketing mix (4P’s)


Provide a research example for each of the 4p’s (see my examples in notes below slides) [2 pt]:

·      Product


·      Pricing


·      Place


·      Promotion



  1. Analyzing firm performance


How to analyze firm performance? And what type of data? [1 pt]


List of Organizations: CHOOSE ONE!

A manufacturer of breakfast cereals

A company that publishes marketing textbooks

A store that sells organic foods

A manufacturer of outdoor sportswear

A manufacturer of pet products and supplies

An online dating site



-It is due on the 7th February at 11:59 PM CA time

-Please let me know if you have any further questions

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