Describe the steps you would follow in the research process to answer this question.


Unit I Scholarly Activity

Sociologists study social phenomena that are relevant to them in terms of the social climate in which they live. Today’s climate involves:

 the aftermath of a war in Iraq that left Iraq ripe for Isis militants,

 a radical Sunni group determined to return Iraq to pre-war Sunni control,

 a struggling economic recovery from a deep recession at home, and

 the crashing auto and housing industries resulting in huge unemployment and mass foreclosures.

During all of this turmoil, the first African American was elected President of the United States. Many changes have taken place since President Obama’s election and reelection to the White House. Few of these changes have been debated as much as the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

For this assignment, you will use your sociological imagination to ferret out some of the issues behind this debate.


Section 1 (Facts): Go to the government healthcare website and find three facts about the ACA. List and describe each fact.


Section 2 (Applying the Perspectives): Using your understanding of theory and the chart on page 17 of your textbook, explain how a functionalist, conflict theorist, and interactionist would explain the Affordable Care Act. Be sure to discuss the ACA in terms of each perspective’s view of the individual, social order, and social change.


o Do not debate the ACA itself. Rather, use these perspectives to understand how a sociologist studies the Act.


Section 3 (Personal Beliefs): In a sentence or two, describe your personal beliefs about the ACA.


Section 4 (Sociological Imagination): Use sociological imagination to explain how you developed your beliefs concerning the Act. Include a discussion of a minimum of two of the following: race, class, gender, religious and political affiliations, and how being part of these groups affects your thoughts on the Act.


Section 5 (Research Process): Finally, using the materials in Chapter 2, how might you study people’s beliefs about the ACA? Describe the steps you would follow in the research process to answer this question. Be sure to describe your study, the method, and a few specific questions you would ask.

Your response must be at least two pages in length, using the Times New Roman, 12-pt. font. Each part of the question should be completely answered in its own section. It is required that the sections use the following headings: Facts, Applying the Perspectives, Personal Beliefs, Sociological Imagination, and Research Process. Be sure you use in-text citations as well as an appropriate references page at the end, according to APA style.


The textbook listed below musted be used as a reference source, at a minimum, for this project.

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