Describe the self-fulfilling prophecy. Explain how it can work to a negative result and how it can work to your advantage.



The goal of this assignment is to help you improve your interpersonal communication understanding, skills, and competence.


Directions: Decide which of the three essay choices to complete. Your essay should focus on whichever prompt you have chosen. In your essay, you should apply the theory from the text, citing the text at least 5 times (that is, directly quoting or paraphrasing the text in a meaningful way and then stating the page the theory/concept was found on). Each prompt asks for a brief report of what happened and the results. You will also analyze your experience, moving beyond a simple description. Your reflection paper should be approx. 4-5 pages, not including your references, typed in Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double-spaced. You should have a proper title page and heading in accordance with APA format. You must use proper grammar and spelling. Beyond these criteria, you are expected to follow the instructions of the essay you choose. Remember to cite the text 5 times in your paper. Although you are answering some questions within your paper, please do so in essay format. You are expected to have an introduction, body, and conclusion.


Your 1st reflection paper is due Sunday, October 2 by 9:00pm.


Prompt 1: How Do I Improve Interpersonal Communication


Objective: To improve an interpersonal communication skill of your choice.



  1. What is a skill you would like to build within the area of interpersonal communication? Some examples include (but are not limited to) better listening skills, how you perceive others, self-awareness, mindfulness, and your intercultural communication competence. List and describe this skill, applying the text.
  2. State and explain your goal. You can use the following format to write out your goal:
    1. “I want to improve my ability to ________________________ (what you want to accomplish) in these situations____________________________ (list the situations) so that ___________________________________________ (final outcome).”
  3. Describe the problem you are currently facing with this skill. Give a specific detailed example of your current typical behavior in this situation.


  1. Formulate a method of changing the behavior. List at least 5 or more very specific ways that you will do this. Include a behavioral change (something that you can actually do), a monitoring device (some way you can keep track of your actions) and a method of gaining outside feedback (from asking a friend, family member, etc. for information about how well you are doing with this skill — you decide how to do this).


  1. How will you know when the goal is achieved? List your criteria.


  1. Practice this behavior for at least 1 week. Take notes while you are practicing the behavior in a journal format (just notes to yourself are fine of what you did and how you felt about the results). Include this journal in your paper (type and place as an appendix…also, not part of the 4-5 page essay).


  1. Summarize and analyze what happened during this time.


  1. In this analysis include:
  2. What did you do and how?
  3. What was the context?
  4. How you did you feel during this experiment?
  5. What was the aftermath — what happened as a result of this experiment?
  6. How did you follow and/or not follow the book author’s (Floyd’s) guidelines (if any) for improving this area of interpersonal communication (see the appropriate chapter).


Prompt 2: Improving Your Self-Awareness


Objective: To help you understand how you see yourself and how others perceive you.



  1. Take the following “Big 5” personality test:


  1. Identify and describe each personality trait and how you scored on each one.


  1. Describe if you see the results as accurate. Why or why not?


  1. Have a close other (parent, sibling, friend, romantic partner) take the “Big 5” personality test about YOU. Describe your close other’s results of the test about you.


  1. Compare the results that you got when evaluating yourself to the results that your close other got when evaluating you. What is your reaction? Are you surprised? What do you think about your close other’s results about you?


  1. Describe the self-concept. How does this exercise affect your self-concept? Which set of results do you think is a more accurate description of who you are? (How) do you think that knowing these results will cause you to act differently? Why or why not?



Prompt 3: Improving Your Self-Esteem


Objective: To improve your sense of self by practicing positive self-talk.



  1. Describe the self-fulfilling prophecy. Explain how it can work to a negative result and how it can work to your advantage. How have you experienced the self-fulfilling prophecy in your life?


  1. Complete this Self-esteem Scale:


The Rosenburg Self-esteem Scale

Directions: For each of the following items, please choose one of the following   


1 = Strongly agree 2 = Agree 3 = Disagree 4 = Strongly disagree

____ 1.  On the whole, I am satisfied with myself.

____ 2.  At times I think I am no good at all.

____ 3.  I feel that I have a number of good qualities.

____ 4.  I am able to do things as well as most people.

____ 5.  I feel I do not have much to be proud of.

____ 6.  I certainly feel useless at times.

____ 7.  I feel that I’m a person of worth.

____ 8.  I wish I could have more respect for myself.

____ 9.  All in all, I am inclined to think that I am a failure.

____10.  I take a positive attitude toward myself.


  1. Which areas above seem to give you the most difficulty? What other areas in your life give you troubles with your self-esteem? Why do you think that this is so? What has helped you form this notion?


  1. Engage in positive self-talk. Write five positive statements about yourself that are appropriate to your situation. Post the statements in your living space where you will see them each day for a week or more. Make sure to place one on the mirror in your bathroom or bedroom. Each morning, read the message to yourself. As you see this and the other statements, try to consciously decide to make that statement to yourself and to try to believe it. Keep a journal for the week (what did you do today and how did you feel — not part of the 4-5-page essay, but can use it to help you find examples to include in your paper). Be sure to type journal and attach to paper as an appendix.


  1. Report what happened. Carefully explain how you restated the positive messages, where you posted them and your feelings about doing this. Be honest. Why or why not did it make a difference? Apply the notions of self-fulfilling prophecy to your response.



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