Describe the political system in India (Kingship). Who held the power?


Chapter 2
1.  Describe the political system in India (Kingship).  Who held the power?  How does power relate to the social caste system?  How are historians reliant on literary (rather than historical) sources for their information? Is this reliable?

2. Explain gender relations in Indian society. What power (if any) did women hold? What social caste? (including document boxes)

3. What are the main religions in Ancient India? How do these religions reflect/change Indian culture? (including pictures and document boxes)

Chapter 3
1. Chinese government (after the Shang and Zhou periods) was divided into three ministries: a  civil authority, a military authority, and a censorate. This would remain until modern times. How did each dynasty (Shang, Zhou, and Qin) contribute to the development of this system? What was the role of Qin Shi Huangdi? Why did China need a strong central government?
2. What were some of the cultural achievements of Ancient China? Look at the illustrations as well as the text. The writing systems-how used within a social context as well ? see for ex: women in Chinese characters, tombs of emperors, and  Great Wall of China
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