Describe the organization’s behavior from each zoom level.

The papers must be typed (12 point font) in Times New Roman Font; double-spaced (unless otherwise noted), with one inch margins.

The organization should be a business or company basis.

Provide the links for the company’s news.

You show up for work in a new organization or “parachute” into the organization (often knowing little about the organization).  This analytical paper describes how you observe and orient in this new environment to more fully understand the organization’s behavior.


address the deeper currents of culture as well as how processes and mission drive behavior.

address your place in this organization (from which perspective are you writing), not merely from a “job description” perspective, but from at the individual and group levels of analysis.  While not limited to these topics

address leadership, motivation, communications, and ethics.

In addition to incorporating a wide variety of specific OB distinctions from the course, the paper must analyze (not merely describe) the organization’s behavior from each zoom level:

individual, group, organization, and inter-organizational.


third-person perspective to analyze the organization.

The paper requires you to think deeply about OB in a specific organization.


use an organization you have experience with or research one where you would like to work.

Ideally, from reading this paper, professor should have the experience of being there with you and gain a valuable understanding of this organization.

Another way to look at this paper is as the document which uncovers the currents of organizational behavior in a methodical way.  The exercise of writing this paper provides you with a template for analyzing your next organization’s behavior, to avoid organizational pitfalls, and more quickly make a valuable contribution.


Organizational behavior concepts include: (analyze at least 8 concepts below from individual, group, organization, and inter-organizational as well as the culture perspective)


Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

Emotions and Moods

Personality and Values

Perception and Individual Decision Making

Motivation Concepts and Application

Foundations of Group Behavior & Understanding Work Teams




Inter-Organizational Behavior


Power and Politics


Conflict and Negotiation


Foundations of Organizational Structure


Organizational Culture


Organizational Change and Stress Management

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