Describe the OD theory/framework or technique you have selected to address the challenge, and an explanation of why you selected that approach/method.

Applied Thought Paper
The Applied Thought Paper (ATP) is a description of how you would apply a relevant organization development (OD) theory/framework or technique to address a specific challenge in an organization or work group of your choice. The ATP should included at least 3 (three) references. The Textbook is also to be cited/referenced. The ATP should be minimum of 5 pages (excluding the title page, abstract and reference page).

Your paper should include the following:

  • Brief description of the organization and/or workgroup selected for the project.
  • Brief explanation of why you selected the chosen organization and/or workgroup.
  • Description of the organizational and/or workgroup challenge.
  • Description of the OD theory/framework or technique you have selected to address the challenge, and an explanation of why you selected that approach/method.
  • Description of how you would go about applying the method to address the identified challenge.
  • Description of desired/anticipated outcomes and success indicators (how you will know and/or be able to measure the effectiveness of the OD services provided).


  • The essay has an introduction, body, and conclusion.  The introduction has a thesis statement/central idea that is developed in the body, and summarized or brought to closure in the conclusion.
  • The reader has a sense of the writer’s direction throughout the essay and each paragraph flows logically into the next. Transitional phrases and words are used to connect content.
  • Ideas of the essay are fully developed and adequate supporting detail is provided.
  • The writer demonstrates the ability to analyze a subject from different perspectives and connect his or her conclusions to the central theme of the paper.

Style and Mechanics

  • Ideas written can be easily understood, and the reader does not have to struggle to understand what the writer is communicating.
  • Grammar including punctuation, spelling, syntax and style are correct.
  • Appropriate references are used and cited correctly according to APA guidelines.


ATP PPT Presentation
Your presentation PPT should be prepared as though you are going to use it to provide visual support to a presentation on the main points and highlights of your ATP. The last slide of your presentation is required to include a thought-provoking question for your fellow students to respond to. Slides are to be prepared using PowerPoint. Submit your analysis to the instructor using the appropriate basket under the Assignment Submission link. You are also required to post your assignment (PowerPoint presentation) in Doc Share so your classmates can review it.
Proviide a 3-line summary in the submission textbox to inform your fellow students about your topic.


Content of the presentation slides will be evaluated based on the extent to which:


  • The above-outlined instructions were followed;
  • There is evidence of original/analytical thought; and
  • The information/material is organized in a concise, clear, and logical manner.
  • Use of a minimum of 10 slides with 3-4 points per slide. Citations are provided per slide. Reference slide is provided at the end of presentation. Final slide provides a response question for students.

ATP PPT Presentation Responses
Students are required to view at least 2 Topic Paper Presentation PPTs posted by other students and post one quality response to 2 different students’ discussion questions. Quality posts will include (a) well-developed responses that include a sentence that introduces your thoughts on the matter, (b) 3 or more sentences supporting and/or further developing your thought, and (c) a concluding sentence that summarizes your thoughts (comprehensive paragraph). Citations and references in APA format must be included. Textbook and/or peer-reviewed literature is to be used for reference.

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